Long Beach Pianist Vocalist

Long Beach Pianist Vocalist! And Loving it! : )

Long Beach Pianist Vocalist and all about it. And yes, loving it.

First off, last night I had the total pleasure of playing at the very awesome, Virginia Country Club.

Now, that is a pianist treat to sit in the beautiful space and play the very nice Bermann piano and hear how it sounds in the very open foyer.

And, there I sat and went about creating the perfect atmosphere for such a classy spot.

And then to play an extra bit when some of the members moved over to sit closer to the piano and ask me for some favorites. What started out with “At Last” turned into a medley of Harry Warren and Mack Gordon tunes. Those guys could really write some songs.

This then led to a whole Burt Bachacharch medley and then James Taylor and some Frank Sinatra at which eventualy led to the members left dancing at the end of the evening.

And finally, as I had stayed over my time, I  had to shut it down.

But, everyone was happy and I can’t wait until I am invited back.


One other venue I’ve played at and or am playing at in Long Beach is the Loft on Pine. Very nice for diners wedding receptions, Parties for companies.

In fact, I’ve played there quite a number of times.

And, it’s always a fun one.

There is a decent piano downstairs and it’s a great area for a cocktail hour while the upper floor is being set up for a reception.

I think the first time I played there was for a Christmas Party. Then a wedding cocktail hour and more recently for a cocktail hour at a wonderful employee appreciation party.

Later this month I’ll be back for yet another fun wedding cocktail hour.

I can’t wait.

Also in Long Beach, I’ve had the honor of playing at several weddings. One noteworthy was at the Recreataionl Golf Course. The cermony was out side and the ocean was all around us.

And, I have enjoyed bringing my keyboard rig to the world famous Parker’s Lighthouse for an employee/family amazing Christmas/Holiday Party.

And one I’m super excited to play is at the Ebell Club. I’m thinking it’s going to be a Long Beach Pianist Vocalist dream gig. Yes, that is going to be a holiday party! :  )

I also had several parties at the Reef last year and both were super fun. One of them was in one of the banquet spaces with amazing floor to ceiling views of the ocean.

The other was epic on the roof and just became more of a ” I totally love this space” space as the evening wore on. What’s not to love about Long Beach?

I can’t think of anything! So far all of my Long Beach Pianist Vocalist gigs have been amazing.


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