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Live Piano Music Los Angeles-Cool Week!

What a good week for live piano music Los Angeles!

I had so many private events in December I was just not playing clubs where anybody could come and hang out and just listen.

So finally…this week!

Welcome to my wonderful world!

I’m excited about this new week because…I’m going to be at 3 different awesome spots. 4 of 7 nights where you could just come on down and hang out. And enjoy the music and the vibe and life!

Monday -The Red Restaurant is at the Pacific Palms Resort -a 5-star resort in the middle of… La Puente, believe it or not.

Thursday and Friday, The Gallery Bar is in the world famous Biltmore Mellinium Hotel which is so beautiful and epic if you’ve never been you should go just to see the Hotel. They used to have the Academy Awards there.

And my usual Sunday, Larsen’s is a Fine Dining steakhouse in Valencia. The piano is a baby grand and the room is just –cool.

I love playing at each spot. And hope you can come out.

Of course, there is some possibility that someone will call me to play a party or whatever and I will end up subbing it but, at the moment this is the way it’s looking. And I’m stoked!!

For instance, if you are thinking of booking me for a party or event and you want to get a taste, come and hang out and introduce yourself and let me know what you have in mind. These are all great places to get a great idea of what I might be able to play for your event!!

If you are seeing this post later than this week here’s a link to my current gigs schedule.

Book Live Piano Music Los Angeles!

And as a matter of fact, if you’re wanting to book me for your next event Click here

Or if you want to see more videos etc… the home page is good.

Also, download or stream a live “album” here…

Thanks for stopping by!

Make it amazing!


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