Live Piano Music in Los Angeles People! Some Great Spots! : )

This is where I’m currently playing often if not every week! : )

Jon and Marc At LCWB


Mark your calendars now the Trio is booked for The Varnish- (in addition to me solo on the other Tuesdays)

The Trio night will be the last Tues of every month now… and Last Tuesday was an unqualified hit!!

It was the coolest night I’ve played there in over two years of playing there regularly, just in terms of sheer enthusiasm from the crowd!!!!

Yes!! : )

The Left Coast Wine Bar is an awesome venue for me to be able to sing and entertain! It’s a heck of a lot of fun.

Everyone who comes in says that they will be coming back and they do and it’s just a great spot! : )

I play there every Friday night from 8:30 to 11:30. It’s the best spot for singers of people to sit in.

I have an extra mic set up , percussion for you to play and party hats–kidding about the party hats… but…..

Monday- Pasadena- Parkway Grill. It’s amazing! The food is art and it’s the best piano place I play.

This is my favorite piano of all of them.(although I love all pianos) It’s awesome when people come on Mondays to hang with me.

And that is more and more frequent. I love all my Parkway friends and fans very much! : ) 6-10 Mondays!

This week I’m at The Citrus Plaza in Redlands CA! 6-8 on Sunday night! It’s great for families

I’m set up in front of the Starbucks near the awesome fountain!


Love meeting new people! Love seeing friends!! : )


Gig page has more details!



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