Live Piano, Live Pianist and The Varnish- Live Room!! : )

The Varnish is in downtown Los Angeles. It’s cool,vibey, yet dark;raw yet sophisticated!image

I’ve been playing the piano there solo just about every Tuesday night from 8:30 to 12:30 for the past 3 years.

I love the gig.

It’s git an interesting restriction. No pop tunes.

Actually, I can only play jazz tunes, standards, 20s, 30s….

Ok, I can get away with Take 5
and any Frank Sinatra but its got to fit the vibe of the room.

It’s basically a speak easy. : )

Incidentally, if you are looking for a sign there is Npne. You enter Cole’s diner and walk to the back. A door there has a cocktail glass on it and you push it open….


About 6 months ago we started to do a trio once a month.

That’s been amazing!

We play jazz, the real deal. Just full on creative, have fun jazz! : )

There have been some great players playing in there with me on any given trio night.

Bob Sullivan on drums and Albie Berk, this week a treat- Harold Quay is dusting the skins, people!

Roman Sirwinski has been holding down the bass chair for the most part.

If you can make it down to hang with us rest assured that we will be having a blast playing the most creativily free Jazz. Whooo hoooo! : )

Come on down, bring a friend.

Gig page here has my whole schedule

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