Life is Amazing for This Los Angeles Pianist! : )

This week? Amazing!

I thought that somehow playing the piano every day might get old and routine but the in reality that hasn’t happened in the past 30 years and I can’t really see it happening any time soon.

Parkway Grill

Why? Life is amazing!


Starting Monday at the Parkway Grill. Best part of the evening was at around 10 and I was almost done for the night. A guy from a party that was on the way out noticed my ipad and came over to ask about it. I showed him the two coolest music apps and next thing I know everyone is singing “Your Song” and a couple of the people we’re really great singers!!

That’s one of those moments when I just love what I do! And I love what people do! And what music does.

Tues at the Varnish was amazing starting with my even getting a parking space and not being sure that I could get into it when a passerby happened to stop and start helping me through my window. People, I tell you it was almost impossible but with this random act of kindness from this guy who just took his 5 mins or whatever it took for me to try at least  3 times to get into this spot….People are amazing!! home in the studio…I had my lesson with David and then spent the rest of the long evening

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working on completing the recording and retracking of  two songs that my friend Solomon has gotten placed in an upcoming musical being produced by Cate Caplin and whom David O is the musicial director! I can’t wait to see it. I certianly love the songs!

Thurs I was back at Braemar Country Club where I got to play for a wonderful Birthday party for a wonderful woman and her awesome family!

Ok, the whole affair was fun but the best part was when Jason and family all came over and sang “What a Wonderful World” Beautiful! : )

Friday….I loved playing for the ladies at Jasmine Terrace Retirement Community from 6 to 7. I’m rather fond of them all. Ellie, Nina, Anne, Caroline, etc… : ) We always have a blast This week, I learned “Cheek to Cheek” what a song!!

And then LEft Coast Wine Bar- Special night!! Chrystina’s Birthday party and a gaggle of her friends came down to hang and sing and carry on with her and I !! What a treat!!

My first, and only, set went from about 815 to midnight!! And I think just about everyone had a blast!!


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