It’s Allright, It’s Ok, We Go On!…..and On!

This is no BS. I’m just cranking busy…

Let’s see…where to start? I’ve been trying to catch up on basic stuff around the house today.

Joe Fundraiser/Events Guy

After my nap and unpacking. I just got back from a fabulous trip to Sacramento to help with a fundraiser.A whirlwind I went up on Sat and got back in time for my Church gig on Sunday am. (I had to get up at 420am to make that hence, the nap!

It was absolutely a blast.  Great people a lot of fun and excitement.

I got to perform “On and On” and “Prison” and “These Things are Love” some of my originals ,which was a treat for all of us. : )

The theme was Piarates which somehow works for so many people it’s a little scary. : )

That was a blast!!

Beth Thornley commented on my post. I love her.

And I played at the Varnish and the Parkway on Thurs. We’re doing a little bit of a switcheroo on the schedule just to keep life fascinating for everyone. I’m going to update my schedule on my site to keep you all up to date. Check here.

Going out of town to play was fun. I’m going to go back in a couple of weeks. and I’m going to be in Mountian View the same weekend for an events. Wow, How exciting is my life?

Riitta Valta Night and More

So I also want to make sure you know that Feb 4th at Left Coast Wine Bar is going to be Riitta Valta Night.  If you don’t know her come and meet her. She’s my buddy from Facebook and just moved here from Scandinavia and we are going to welcome her here.  IF you know her stop by. If you don’t stop by and meet her.

As a note this is one of my best places to sing and I’d love to have people come and sing with me. The sound system is really good. If you like to sing come on down and you’ll meet Riitta as a bonus. : )

Joe Studio/Songwriting Guy!

I’m working on absolutly amazing songs with Tracy and Solomon and poor Valentino needs more attention. Songs here!

Mr. Blogger!!

Since I love what I do and meet people who would love to be doing thier art for a living I’m going to start blogging about how to make a living doing (what you love) art!! : )

I think people are going to love it.  It’s something the world need more… Happy people creating what they love for others and making thier living doing it. Look for it.


And I’ve got other songs that I need to get done and, I’m always looking for more work or in my case I could say…I’m always looking for more “play” ! : )

If you know of any…


Oh I forgot to mention that Sara, my piano student  is amazing to teach and she’s having fun. She’s learning how to play jazz, improvised music, blues. Wow! : )

We’re both learning a lot.

Life is amazing. Thanks for sharing it with me.


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