It’s All Too Much!! In Fact We’re Going Epic!…: )

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Wow! A lot Going On

There’s just too much to say here. I’ve  been to Sacramento and Mountian View and had a blast doing very successful fund raising and events!

And came back the same weekend and played two gigs on Valentine’s Day. Crazy!

I’ve had a blast playing at Vitello’s, The Parkway Grill, The Varnish, The Left Coast,  my Cool Church Gig and today…the Saddle Peak Lodge.

I’ve produced music for Tracey and Solomon and worked more with Marconi in the studio.

I’ve met amazing people. Evan, Billy, Kate, etc… : )

Life is hot and fast and full. : )

Gigs Gigs and More Gigs

Cool! Did the world all of a sudden start liking music more? Maybe I’m getting better. Maybe  both?

I have been working really steady at, of course, The Varnish Tues and The Parkway Grill on Monday. The Varnish is basically a transportation to a speak easy of the 20s. You have to know it’s there to find it. Unless the cocktail glass picture just grabs your interest.

The Parkway is just amazing-dining, atmosphere- very top notch.

The Left Coast has also been awesome. A few weeks ago we had a welcome party for Riita Valta and last week had a blast with a girls night out for some local gals in Glendale. I love the Left Coast because

1) the owners ( Tom and Rochelle) are some on the best people I know.

2) the regulars are awesome

3) it’s got an amazing vibe

4) the PA is very excellent

5) I get to sing my butt off

6) there is art all over the place, it’s beautiful.

7) my wife can often come and hang out and likes to get her buds from work there.

8) three other amazing things! : )

The trio has now auditioned successfully for the Steeple Peak Lodge. OK, this place is AMAZING we’re going to be playing there on the 18the of March. Really looking forward to it.

Braemar was oh, so fun on Valentines day… we’re negotiating for more days.

I’m working with the trio and really just working, working, working. I love it.

Gigs page is here to get the details and schedule!

People, Cool People!!
I’ve had a few singers sit in at the Varnish. Last week I even got a few very talented singers to sing. Including Heather Donaldson from the band Lady Katherine. We did some standards!! : )

I just played The Parkway last night Saturday in addition to my regular Monday, and actually last night I  met some really amazing people including Billy Childs! Can you believe it? (hint, he’s won several grammies) I think I’m in now part of a very large group of people who think he’s a really cool person.  I learned a new standard from him..He asked me to play ” It Never Enterered My Mind”  and I found it in a book I had. Great one.  I always love to learn new tunes.

At Vitello’s a few weeks ago this guy all tattooed-out sat right in front of the piano and basically started  singing along to every thing (really likable dude! ) ( my definition of cool) Anyway turns out he’s the lead singer of a really heavy metal band named Biohazard!! Very fun guy to hang out with. Named Evan!! : ) Life if exciting.

Oh I also met this absolute knock out singer named Kate Campbell! (Varnish)

She sat right next to the piano and sang!! Dang,  LA is amazing. My life is amazing. People are amazing!

And I just know I’m forgetting people that  I have met recently and have just loved!!


I’ve worked with Marconi and Soloman Melnick. Looking forward to working with both and  a lot more.  Beautiful product which I will be posting that Marconi and I got with Solomon. : )

Ok those are the highlights. There are way more details. I’m having a blast and learning and loving all of it.

New Photos here…

Music is here!!

And… I’m going to do a lot more production with Deuce and…more!

Can’t wait til tomorrow!! : )

Hope your weeks are fun and full.



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