Is This Super Los Angeles Piano Player Appreciation Month? : )

That would explain a lot! : )

Just looking over the future month things are looking packed out with fun! : )

I’m playing  regular Mondays, Thurs (starting the 26th) and most Fridays…And

What?! Weddings-weddings wedding– almost every Saturdays and / or Sundays…: )

Gig Page for more info And if you’re getting married….I may very well be playing at your wedding…Just sayin…

But I raisers, and Cirtrus Plaza on a couple of Saturdays… Wow!

Yaaaaay!! : )

Not to mention the amount of “work” (translation: some of the funnest creation that there is to do) that I have just sitting around waiting for an

opening! Consisting of:

Creating amazing and beautiful and wonderful tracks for some rockin’ songwriters and singers!

Many of them I post on

And new cool projects in the wings…

I just did a demo of some more contemporary piano and vocals ! : )


And Rex Perry ([email protected] if you need help with Video, Web anything -he’s amazing!!) just helped me to put together a video demoing...Piano and Upright Bass….

Which is very sexy! : )

And all kinds of other cool stuff ..coming soon.


PS check out my new Google Page…

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