Inspired Los Angeles Birthday Party Pianist!

This past week I played at a wonderful Birthday celebration of Roberta reaching into her 80s! Her life so far has been wow  inspiring!

I was honored to play for the big day.


“Neil Diamond” and “elegant”  were the directions and  influenced my mix! I stayed in that vein all around and about it. Taking the  vibe and era as a general theme. It’s a lot of fun to work around something like that.

And I was super happy when the slide show honoring Roberta used one main song that I had thought totally fit the vibe.

I like to weave around genres and artists and look around and see where I get any feedback! I look for feet tapping and smiles and nods and listen to see if anyone is talking about songs, or music that I’m playing. Sometimes people dance a bit or sing. (yaaay-it’s connecting)

I love interaction with people and music. It’s beautiful.

And I loved the venue, a private Golf Course in Valencia!

And the perfect day! Ending with a perfect sunset!

I got hired by her son Peter! Who among other things was also a drummer and a super able and cool person!

It is amazing to be able to contribute to such an awesome day.

Birthday parties are always fun. I’ve played for several people hitting 90!

Usually the decades are the big ones.

40, 50, 60 seems to be a big ones. But hey any Birthday is AWESOME! I know I love them.

I really love that every person has their music and it’s always personal and unique.  I love how much music can contribute to life.

It communicates so much. It brings memories and it creates magic atmosphere.

And even the photographer, Jessica Sherman,  was amazing!

Can’t wait to see her images. She was just  moving in and around all night looking for moments everywhere. That just added to the day!

I love my “job!”

let me know if I can help you make a Birthday or any other special day of your life more amazing!

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