I’m Back at Redlands Citrus Plaza Piano and Vocals!! : )

I’m stoked. I was playing at once or twice a month at Citrus plaza for three or four years. A super fun gig playing in the food court. Between
Starbucks and Robek’s in front of this awesome fountain. Lots of people hanging enjoying the evening. Kids running around…I love this gig.

Then they company that booked it changed and sadly they found new people. But-luckily one of them, Kevin,  was a friend of mine, Then Kevin moved back to Miami and I asked him if he could hook me up with the agent and he did and voila…Now I’m booked to play there this summer. 

Friday night was my first night back and we had a great time.

It’s a nice contrast to play for people eating ice cream and Robek’s and Starbucks and whatever else while kids tear around and play in and around the fountain!

I’ll be back this coming Friday night 6-8pm..Can’t wait!

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