I Just happen to love playing the piano In Los Angeles!

And last night at the Burbon Steakhouse I got to hear Lincoln Cleary too. Great player.

Passion-taste! He plays from the heart and it connected with me.

And right now I’m listening to a pianist on Soundcould playing…a simple and beautiful

piano song! He’s calling it…”A Little Prayre”. That’s about right.

That reminds me of Dave Grohl- his religion is music. The saints are rock starts!

The songs are the hymns!

Dave Grohl Religion!

And I understand that.

Pianos are and music is spiritual–it is soul food!

No matter what your religion might be.

They elevate.

Many of the most awesome moments of my life have been musical!

Music and I have always been buds!

I won’t say it’s a sanctuary because it’s not running away but it’s

a vessel of the best that we have to offer.

It’s art.

I love it and I love being able to make a living creating-music!

Making someone’s day with a song. Saving someone one from despair with a song.

Making people cry. Letting them bring life into a better perspective.

Connecting and connecting others with concepts–love, truth or even lies and the blues.

So, thanks for all the artists there are! And thanks to people who connect with it!

I can’t wait to connect with more amazing artists and can’t wait to play more music!

A Piano!

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