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Hollywood Pianist and Vocalist Richard Halpern Make the Magic!

Hollywood Pianist and Vocalist Richard Halpern recently tore it up recently at a wine pairing event in Hollywood!

We just had a super blast.

I got this call to play a super cool gig in Holly wood at this venue that I’ve never played at before.

It was the Vino Bistro…the website looked really cool! : )

The guy sounded cool and it turns out it was someone I had been watching youtube videos on the Cicadia Club website a few weeks before.

He tells me he needs s a pianist for a gig in Hollywood.

I said, “let’s do it”.

We were excited.

We set up and he told me his friend Jack might show up…he did.

Actually, his name is Norman but when he comes in we’re like WTF this is awesome.

We quickly worked out all the best songs we could play from Richards considerable 30s and 40s and Sinatra repertoire and proceded to create some really beautiful music.

Norman got his photo taken with everyone and…

It was a BLAST!!!

Hollywood Pianist Vocalist

The wine pairing was a huge success!

I can’t wait for the next one.

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