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Well, I’ve produced many individual tracks for people over the last 8 or so years.  And, I’ve worked in the rock genres and even some Electronic Dance Music and Country Rock. TV productions and other media use them all the time. But,  now I’m super excited to present a full Jazz EP from Sylvan De La Cruz.

For introductions, Sylvan is a local songwriter and singer who creates jazz/pop music for the local Hollywood scene and he has for some years.

Initially, he approached me to help him to create this EP and some music to help him promote his Hollywood Cabaret Show.


And so, we started working on this EP some months ago and originally we were planning to make it simpler.

But, once we got started and the songs were shaping up we decided to get live musicians for drums and sax and Bass. Actually, several of the ensemble pieces that are Hollywood Cabaret songs even feature 4 vocalists and three horns. (trumpet, sax, and trombone)

And, all of the tracks feature some of LA’s finest. Larry Steen on Bass, Leandro Caldeira on Drums and Rick Rossi on Sax.

(I’m happy to sit in on piano with these monsters)

Finally, we recorded all the songs in studios all around Los Angeles and Then I mixed them in my studio and now, at last, presenting, the final mix of “Hot and Dry”.


The 4 song EP is releasing on 27 Jan 8 pm at the Taix Room in Hollywood.

So, we are currently madly rehearsing a full band for the evening’s festivities.

And, It’s going to smoke.

Stay tuned – We are going to release the songs from the Hollywood Cabaret sessions in fairly short order. Also, Sylvan is mad at work writing all kinds of new songs.

Hint, come to the EP release party and you’ll be able to hear some new songs too, as well as the EP.


Hire Music Producer Los Angeles!

Now, if you have been dreaming of bringing your music to fruition I’d love to talk to you about it to see if we’re compatible.

Actually, my job is to get it done and make it exceed your expectations.

Hear other examples of TV and Film production here.

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And, feel free to contact me here.

Or, call me 818-269-0988

And, of course- make it amazing!

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