2018 Pianist Los Angeles

Happy New Year 2018 Pianist Los Angeles!

Happy New Year 2018 Pianist Los Angeles!

How was 2017?

In retrospect–a MOST amazing year!

For starters, most gigs in a year–ever–533.5

Ok, I’m not sure what the .5 was….but…

Next, for the first time, I recorded live and mixed and released a CD of Live Marc Bosserman music ….which is currently available for free to download or stream…at

And, I’ve produced numerous different musical compositions and productions for a production company that releases a lot of it overseas…:  )

I’m big in Russia!!  : )

Actually, stay tuned some of it will be releasing here in the US..a film…a new TV show…all kinds of fun stuff.

Plus, I worked with local singers and songwriters on tons of amazing music.

Notably–Sylvan De La Cruz and Paul Collins!

Now, Sylvan’s first EP is coming up on 27 Jan here in Hollywood. Featuring live Drums, Upright Bass, 5 singers, Full horn sections…whoa….FUN!!

And also, notable Paul Collins- who writes really catchy classic rock/ country rock and is playing all over the area either solo or with his band.

I’ve been scoring my first full-length documentary with Calvin Prude. And it should be released in 2018. I’m super pumped about it. It’s quite a film.

And 2017 was a huge year for personal growth.  I took 6or 7 weeks and went retreating to Florida and worked on my self. What I have experienced was super powerful and expansive.

Overall–I loved 2017– the most exciting and groundbreaking artistic year EVER!


How was your year?? : )

What were your high points?

I’d love to work with you more in the upcoming year.

And what’s EVEN more exciting than 2017?


I’ll be madly working on the details with Sylvan for the live performance of his songs at the release Party.

New productions, new marketing, new Albums. new songs, new everything.

The future looks bright!

Let me know if I can help you with anything.
Nothing would be cooler.


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Have an amazing time, no matter what you do!

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