Happy Los Angeles Pianist /Vocalist New Year 2017!!


Last gig of 2016!!

Well if the  amazing-ness of 2016 is any indication….2017 is going to be completely OMG! :  )

Last year’s whirlwind 402 gigs! And this year…I’m going to go for 728! I’ve heard the Guinesses book of world records record is 727.

Ok..so I’ll have to do 61 gigs a month…I’m not quite lined up for that now but..I do have 33 so far lined up for January!! :  )      http://www.marcbosserman.com/gigs

It usually picks up as the month wears on!..We’ll see. :  )

And I’ll be teaching more students. I do have a few lucky students!

I’m going to be recording my gigs this year! 

Then I’ll be taking the best takes and releasing videos on Youtube and song releases on Bandcamp etc…:  )

I also plan on writing and releasing more original music this coming year.

And more cool stuff that I haven’t thought of yet.

Hope your year has been completely outrageous and fantastic!

Let me know if I can help you add music and make it even more amazing!

Check out my youtube videos here!

Check out my Bandcamp music for sale site here! 

Have an amazing week! :  )


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