Fun Times…Holiday Party Pianist/Vocalist Los Angeles!

Couple of gigs today actually over the past 24 hours…I’m just realizing that the holidays are just around the corner and

I am not totally up booked…yet.

And I LOVE playing Holiday piano music and vocals and sing-alongs and beautiful background ambient amazing.

Basically, whatever is needed.

This really has not too much to do with Holidays except that last night Darth Vadar showed up at the Birthday Party I was playing at
so..yes now I’ve finally played for Darth Vadar!

Proof…Me…Darth…Everyone else!

The party was so fun. Lots of guys hanging around in the room where I was set up. We were singing super great everything from “My Funny Valentine” to Logical Song-SuperTramp. Coldplay, The Fray…There were some congas set up and people played them all night and a guy picked up a guitar and started playing. He was awesome we started doing…Nights in White Satin, Jime Hendrix, Niel Young tunes etc…etc…. Did I mention Billy Joel tunes and all kinds of songs. And the Star Wars Theme music…Blues…

Any way…super fun.

Today I played for some beautiful ladies having a get together/luncheon…Sort of a contrast to last night but no worries what man would not love being a room of all women and playing beautiful music for them.

Recent Wedding Reception! : )

Eva even came down and sang some Cole Porter songs with me! Very well too I might add.

I’m excited to get holiday music going in the next few weeks. I think this Christmas Holiday season is going to be the most beautiful and FUN one yet, if I have anything to say about it and I do. I plan to be all about good cheer and perfect songs and music to make the
Holidays Merry and Fantastic!!

And I’m posting some Christmas Past shots here too…OMG! It’s going to be such a great Holiday Season!

Super Christmas Party at the Nixon Library Yourba Linda!
California Club! : )

Super Happy One to YOU!! : )

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  1. Jo Anne Childress

    That looks like so much fun! Say, Marc, what is that screen that you have on the music stand? It looks like a tablet or something. Do you keep your sheet music on there?

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