Where to Find A Fantastic Pianist on the Internet!

Where to Find A Fantastic Pianist on the Internet!

You may be wondering Where to Find A Fantastic Pianist on the Internet?

And ok,  you possibly have already found me here. I mean, you’re on my website.

But I wanted to do a post so that I could also let people know where else I’m at around the internet and my various sites and the like.

First, if you want to hear music and want to see tons of videos

Find me at



And, you can click on this video and it will take you to my site! :  )

You should find tons of videos. And even,  original songs, solo piano songs, piano and vocals, even videos of the Marc Bosserman Trio!

Next, I think the Los Angeles Pianist and Vocalist Face Book Page is here:


This is my facebook page that is more about my work in LA as a wedding pianist, party pianist, Pianist, Vocalist, etc…

There are going to be some videos and posts that you will find there that will not show up on my Youtube as facebook tends to not be so great about sharing Youtube content on Facebook so I often treat them as separate entities.


And then there’s Instagram.


I’ve been doing little videos for Instagram. Even some music.

It’s fun to put stuff out there and see how it goes.

Those are probably my main three sites currently….


I also have a Facebook music page for my original music.


Here’s another site that I am excited about!

It’s my original music get the music site.



And here’s one for spotify!

And I need to do a play list that has all the tracks I’ve played on. :  )

But that’s one to get a start. : )

I have lots more sites. Let me know if there is any site that you think I should be on.

Once you know Where to Find A Fantastic Pianist on the Internet!

Booking anyone? : )

If you need music for a wedding, event, concert, party or any super cool function let me know.

You can find contact info


And there are reviews on the main page of this website if you just scroll down.



But wait.. I just realized there could be more sites that you’d be interested in.

If you would like to see the reviews.

Here’s the yelp page! There are about 40 great ones there.


This is kind of wild by I’m going to also put the link where you can find my gigs.


Now here’s the truth I play just as much as I can. It’s a clear case of loving to play for people. It’s a great thing to do.

You can come out and get live music.

And, I’d love to meet you.

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