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Here’s a recent Emerald Man email we received.

I’m a director at a creative arts program in MA. Your show looks/sound great. Is it possible for us to perform? Can we obtain the rights? I’d love to peruse a script/score or listen to the sound track. I work with teens who would LOVE this show. Please let me know soon, as the summer is fast approaching.

Here’s another one…

I serve as Theatre Program Director/teacher of a large New England school serving 2000 students in the local area.  Our program is highly committed to providing professionally-minded, top quality productions, and we enjoy a very solid reputation in the region having performed not only throughout our state but in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine as well.

In doing my annual research to find the best productions available, I discovered your website and MySpace yesterday.  After reading all provided info and listening several times to the music samples, I am more than impressed and excited about your show!  It’s very timely and relevant with songs that are far advanced in artistry, depth, and import when compared to any number of current popular productions.  In creatively reaching, connecting, and engaging adolescents and young adults to the story and themes of Cervantes, “Emerald Man” appears to be more suited and superior to “La Mancha” and tailor-made to become hugely successful in the secondary education and collegiate theatrical markets.

I am very, very interested in either purchasing or renting a copy of the script and complete cd, with the strong possibility of mounting a production of “Emerald Man” this fall if given the opportunity.  I am truly surprised and “blown-away” to have come across your show—I think it’s fantastic in what I know thus far.

Thanks for your consideration…and your talent.Eman

Here’s an excerpt from email from a teenager in a “Broadway Bound” vocal group in Rockford, Illinois, who wants to perform “Superheroes” ( song from Emerald Man) with his group.  This reminded me of how much young people get into this show.

i really really really really want to do this song…I‘m so happy! Of course we will give you credit and our pianist is amazing, she can do pretty much anything…and i know local bands that would probably love to help out and play. So this is great! Oh, i discovered Emerald Man from Broadway Bullet podcast and feel in love with the songs, then i went to the website and feel in love with the rest! lol.  Thank you very very very much!

a bit of the story:

We’ve had some really great experiences with Emerald Man. We wrote it and then Janet submitted it to a Musical Festival in New York and we got accepted for it.

We did the festival and had about 7 or 8  shows off off Broadway. Wow! My family all came up and saw it and the production was amazing. The photo above is from that.

It was really awesome to see if live and the reviews were really great.

Then we submitted it for a workshop and I got this call from none other than Michale Kerker who is Director of Musical Theatre for ASCAP (American Society for Composers, Authors and Publishers) since 1990.

This was to tell me that we got accepted for the Disney/Stephen Schwartz workshop.

Ok, Stephen Schwartz wrote.. “Pippin”, “Wicked” etc.. his credits are extreme and he’s amazing.

We were privilidged to be able to do that workshop where we got to show parts of Emerald Man and get it critiqued… The critique was not so fun but the exposure and the experience was very cool.

So… we are doing the production from the second request above and we are really excited about it. There are links below to find out more about it.

Here are some links to find out more about this while I get this page more fired up!! : )

The webpage….www.Emeraldman.com

Here’s the MySpace site address.


This was a total blast to create with Janet and Tom Valdez.

And it has been performed off Broadway in the New York Musical Festival.

Hope you like it! Enjoy!

It’s pretty awesome! : )

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