Documentary Scoring Los Angeles! What? : )

And now I’m into Documentary Scoring Los Angeles! :  )

In point of fact currently I am scoring a way cool documentary.

The producer contact me a while back wanting music that could work in the trailer.

I wrote  some music that fit the vibe it seemed like he was going for . It was super fun creating using  reference tracks that were in the  trailer as a place holder as a guide.

Finally…I sent it off to the client and I got on with life and gigs and whatever I’m working on.

And it turned out that then music I make worked very  well with the trailer. Consequently and the Producer/Director contacted me about finishing the film music for the rest of the hour long documentary.

Now, from all my experience over the years creating music for all kinds of different projects including a Reality TV about 5 years ago where I created  a bunch of cues that got used in the TLC Show called  “Say Yes to The Dress” And “Randy To the Rescue” a spin-off.

Earlier I had scored a short film with a friend of mine who owned a production company. That film ended up winning several awards at Short Film Film Festivals.

The film, called “Invisible” involved a great variety of music ranging from Nine Inch Nails type Industrial Rock to cocktail piano with some classical stringed  and horror movie music thrown in. Fun!

And that is one of the most exciting things about film and scoring – the sheer variety of music that can be needed and that needs to be created.

At least one of  the film trailers are available on the Face book Page

Documentary Scoring Los Angeles

Eventually my friend at Stormhaven Productions  submitted my score to a Film Music Festival and lo it won a Gold Medal of Merit!

Anyway it is a unique and intereting challenge to create music for specific assignments.

And like any Documentary Scoring Los Angeles guy I have a well equipped project studio where I also produce music for  singer/songwriters, tracks for singers, music for commercial use and other Film and TV music.

My computer has a full-boat  orchestra and all kinds of cutting edge synthesizers , world percussion and all kinds of classic instruments for almost any kinds of music that’s been created in the past 100 years.

And I even have Abby Road Drums and Paul’s Rickenbaker Bass… if you need Beatles-esque sounds? : )

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Contact me here

And know that I’d love to know what your film is and how fast you want to get it done. And also know that I am interested in completing artist projects quickly and getting them out there.


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