Dewey Nicks, Dal Rae and Los Angles Pianist Vocalists! : )

Saturday night I’m on my way to play my third gig on Saturday…Belmont Village in Burbank. I’m going to be playing standards and 60s pop tunes for the fine residents there for an hour of total fun. 

And I got a “happy call” from an agent asking if I was available to play tonight.. Yes, I was!! Perfect timing! I was just about to start lamenting no gig on Sat night…which just doesn’t happen very often… 

“Dal Rae in Pico Rivera”- this agent says. Sounds interesting! Cool! I’ll be there 7:30-11:30p!

A new gig is always exciting! It’s a new universe!

I show up early as I really don’t know the venue and I always like to get there early to a new gig and find…a cool large restaurant with a big parking lot that is quickly filling up with cars and inside this old school cool vibe and back in one of at least 3 dining rooms…what!?…a cool piano that is….tada!! Actually a “piano bar”!

Dal Rae the piano Bar Restaurant!

I mean–the real thing–a piano-a big grand- with a table “bar” around it hugging the piano and seats all around it…where people can hang out and talk to the piano player. OMG. When I was in my early 20s playing in Waikiki, Hawaii they were all over the place and I  remember just loving the vibe and really having a blast playing in the beautiful Princess Kaiulani Hotel on Tuesdays. Niiiice!

People sit around the piano and talk to the pianist and request songs and sing!! It’s just a great time for everyone. One of the funnest gigs ever. 

So cool!


I remembered that when I was playing at Season’s 52 someone had told me about this bar that still had a real Piano Bar! And this is it and it’s amazing…and there are people sitting around the piano when I arrive and I just sit down and we start in on “Let it Be” and “Fly me to the Moon” and …whatever…Pink Floyd songs and Cat Stevens.. and…OMG this is just fun stuff. Smiling singing people. 

This reminded me of one of my all time favorite gigs playing for Film Director, Producer, Writer Dewey Nicks…playing for his parties at his Beverly Hills Home on his Steinway & Sons. Which was just doubly cool because…(triple cool because it’s Dewey and Stephanie and they are just cool …but for parties he had an actual “piano bar” addition that was custom built for the piano which got set up for parties…Whoooo hoooo!

One favorite party in particular-the one where at 2 am he threw me out so his guests would have to GO HOME!! 

Dewey’s parties…EPIC fun!! 

And sadly Dewey moved off with his beautiful family to Santa Barbara some years ago…and there went the regular piano bar parties until….Saturday Night Dal Rae!!

Well actually Riza’s party…was like that and Serena’s are always soooo fun…Billy Joel… piano bar everyone but…those…are other stories!

Honestly I have no idea what fantastic turn of events opened up the doors for me to be able to play at Dal Rae but I hope the piano bar gods smile again and I get a chance to go back…soon!

And maybe some one will read this post and realize how amazing this could be to do for thier next party…hint hint…:  )

Let me know if you want to add an amazing  “piano bar” to your next event!  ( party fundraiser, event etc.. : ) 

I’d love to help you work it out! 

Add a piano and  Los Angeles Pianist Vocalist…and let the fun ride!

Contact me if you have an idea or questions or whatever! 

Make it amazing! : )


Piano Bar vibe party!

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