Custom Songs Songwriter

Custom Songs Songwriter

Custom Songs Songwriter! : )

And, loving it!

This is super fun and the songs are amazing. At least, that’s what I’m going for when I write one.

This is the way I look at it. A great song is a great song. And almost any song can and should find an audience.

One song I co-wrote with Mike Kasperian was an idea where he had a melody. He told me he didn’t but, he had definite parts and ideas in his mind and gave me great directions on where to go.

And he had some lyrics but didn’t like them and wanted me to take liberties.

The more I worked on this song the more I liked it.

And, at a certain point, I was like, ” WOW! I really like this song! ” Even to the point where Mike has really never put his songs out there on the internet but I liked it so much I wanted to release it on Spotify and so I did. Now, if it catches on well, that’s going to be great for both of us.

Of course, if it doesn’t do amazingly well, it was still a blast to create and certainly many people have really loved it. : )

My Joy is Knowing You

When Mike first gave me his notes I wanted to hear his ideas no matter how rough. I asked him to sing his ideas and to sing the lyrics he had…I immediately had a really great liking for the song and the vibe and wanted to write something in a Norah Jones sort of vibe.

The version we did was a very simple version. I posted it around . And already one other person has done a version of it.

Fortunate Guy

The next song I wanted to mention is called Fortunate Guy!

This lovely song I created with Mark Crosby!

Mark met me when I was playing in San Bernadino at Citrus Plaza. I had played at his anniversary a few years before. He started listening to me on Facebook when I started doing more livestreaming when Covid hit us all.

It was his anniversary and he wanted to surprise his wife with a special song!

I asked him if he would give me a reference track -maybe two to give me and idea of the kind of song he liked.

Then, we took a list of ideas that he had about his wife and their relationship and used that as the basis for this song!

It was fun to write. I came up with a melody and structure on the piano and then started laying down some basic grooves in my studio and fleshed out the song.

My son liked it so much, and, he’s heard every song I’ve ever written. (lol) he wanted to help me market it.

So, I decieded to do a more full production of it. And did. : )

Custom Songs Songwriter! Where do we go from here?

I posted “My Joy is Knowing You” and, I’ve had a ton of requests for it on my live streams. And now I’m working on other songs with Mike!

If you’re interested in co-writing hit me up here.

Https:// or call of text 818-269-0988

Maybe we would be a good fit. I mostly only work on songs that I think would be fun and valuable for others. And I’d love to hear what your ideas are!

I usually work very fast and can get a good sound and want to make music that has can stand the test of time. Of course helping you to achieve your vision! : )

It’s a very fun thing to do.

Let me know if you’re interested.

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