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I won’t lie…I’m a busy wedding piano player. I’m playing piano for several weddings coming up that are going to be just a bit too cool.

One is featuring Lana Del Rey-Summertime Sadness, Ride…

Ellie Goulding- Love Me Like You Do… Passenger…Let Her Go!

Beauty Coming….: )

This was my first time hearing Lana Del Rey and I loved learning this song and getting exposed to her whole catalog. She’s a brilliant artist.

Cinderella Wedding Piano Player

And then there’s the “Cinderella Wedding” that’s going to feature…The”Enchanted” Soundtrack..!

Brilliant! “So Close” for the first dance! I’m loving it! And then walking down the isle to ” A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” from the Disney

version of Cinderella.

It’s amazing to find or really get exposed to “new” music or music that I might not-in my incredibly busy life-

otherwise get acquainted with. Hmmmm is “exposed to” is the right word? No I’m getting downright involved with a song when I’ learning to play them…and Sing

and create a moment with them.

That’s the beauty of weddings though. So personal. But even more than almost any other part of life. No couple is the same as

any other couple and every wedding can be utterly unique. And therefore so beautiful!

Additionally and ┬ájust for variety in life (and…just for fun) I’m having to “woodshed” (learn-go over) some cool “old skool” tunes for a

ridiculously cool fundraiser coming up in October!!

And this one has keyboard parts! I mean we’re talking classic rock like Pink Floyd, Santana, Elvis…

Then there’s Merle Haggard tune I’m learning for a 90th Birthday Party for a “no-way-this-guy- could-really-be-90”

This is not a job…it’s an adventure…in Cool music.

So many songs…..And don’t even get me started about how cool it is to be writing music with some of the top writers on

this little mud ball!

Pinch me…My! : )


wedding piano player
I love it! Piano Music for Weddings, Parties! Life!

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