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Composer for Youtube Music? How is that exactly? : )

Well, I just had a super fun request from my buddy, Jim Meskimen.

Jim wanted to do a video like another impressionist that he liked. He talked about that in the video info.

He asked me for some music. I just dashed it off between the other three or four projects I was working on.

One thing I love about Jim…he’s one of the biggest communcators I know. He’s always doing videos, poetry, painting, acting, blogs, live videos on Facebook…he’s a whirlwind…

And, I do like pressure to get stuff done. It always helps to get more done…

Which is good.

For instance one of my favorite Duke Ellington quotes…“I don’t need time. What I need is a deadline.”

So, off I went to the studio to create a fast masterpiece…( I like that internal rhyme)

I wanted to keep it original and not use music that would potentilaly be monetized by some other person so….we decieded to just do something upbeat and swinging…

We liked a Frank Sinatra intro I saw from a video from a TV Show he did inthe 60s with timpani. So, I found some timpani rolls in a sweeeeeeet music creation program I have and used that for the intro and did a jazz trio with other stuff from the same amazing program on my computer.

And it tured out like…..this….

Jim is amazing!

If you need music for anything…I’m game!

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Let me know what I can do to make your world more amazing! : ) 

Keep creating the world you want and…voila, you’ll have it! : ) 

But you do have to make it.

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