Christmas/Holiday Party Los Angeles Pianist/Vocalist-Wow!

It’s this time of the year which is that time of the year when everyone has a Holiday party, or gets married or has a baby or some other major amazing life experience and hopefully finds the perfect incredible music to make the celebration rock the season! : )

I've played this party every year for many years! : )
I’ve played this party every year for many years! : )

I love it. December has always been the total best time to be a musician in Los Angeles to bring major cheer to any and all manner of celebration of the year and life itself!

It would not be Chrsitmas without playing at these beautiful people's home in Santa Monica! : )
It would not be Christmas without playing at these beautiful people’s home in Santa Monica! : )

I was just taking stock of the fact that:

  • In the last 5 years I’ve played about 1700 gigs not an exaggeration a statistic!
  • I more than love what I do and the usual effect that it has on my audience. 
  • I have a huge holiday repertoire that expands every year!
  • I’m even getting a new ipad to be even faster and cooler!
  • I love putting life into things! :  )

Let me know if you have anything you would like to add  music to this year! : )


The Valley Hunt Club! : )
The Valley Hunt Club! : )
A holiday jazz Trio! : )
A holiday jazz Trio! : )

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