Christmas Party Pianist Los Angeles!

Christmas Party Pianist Los Angeles!

And, off to “Christmas Party Pianist Los Angeles” mode we go!

I love December! It’s the fun parties…and the pianos!

And, speaking of parties, it all started this past week!

First, not really a “party” but the decorations are up and the mood was festive at Red Restaurant on Tues! Great crowd – we had a lot of fun.

And speaking of decorations Larsen’s on Wednesday night. The decorations are awesome! And Christmas is in the air. We had a blast, especially for a Wednesday night.

Then, Thursday at the Waldorf Astoria where Deutch Bank did the annual Holiday Smash for their awesome clients.

Waldorf Astoria Pianist

I love that venue. Rooftop…OMG! Spectacular! And, a grand party it was indeed!

Friday- and Back to Larsen’s for a super jam-packed fun night. It was just wall to wall fun from 5:30-10pm… I mean, I stayed an extra hour it was so fun.

And then there was Saturday, party at Vintage Burbank where I had lots of senior hanging out for most of 2 hours singing carols and having a great time. Yaaaay!! My “job” rocks!!

And then I was off to the company for DSP WONDERFUL Christmas Party at the amazing Parker’s Lighthouse. AMAZING Location. Amazing people. I love these people!!

I mean a lot of people sang with me! :  )

Sunday Church, we are singing hymns, I love that.  I think everyone just loves them.

Then I had a movie premiere party…at the amazing Chateau Marmont in Beverly Hills, CA baby! Such a beautiful, vibey venue.

Super cool to hang with all the awesome movie people. And make 40’s music to match the Hedy Lamar Film Vibe!!

I mean, amazing week.

And better, this new week… Office parties, Wine Expo, Country Clubs, Wild Musical Christmas show for 100s or people….and OMG, I love this time of the year.

Book Mr. Christmas Party Pianist Los Angeles!

If you have a party or idea for one. Hit me up…text me at 818-269-0988

Or hit up my contact page.  Http://

Yelp reviews if you want to see what other awesome people have said.

Reach out. I love meeting new people. I would love to play for you! Let me help you make it AWESOME! : )

Happy Holidays!


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