Celebrity Pianist Vocalist Los Angeles!! Omg! Crazy Fun!

I won’t lie…last week….amazing! I had a blast. 9 Gigs, More Recording, Creating, Mixing, new students, marketing, I booked about 10 gigs for the near future…But the highlight was playing for a super beautiful celebrity party!

And the best part was…well it was just one of the funnest parties ever! The Host and hostess were…beautiful and SO much fun!!

One of my all time favorite versions of Piano Man…EVER! :  ) But…I mean singing, Journey, Damien Rice songs and Leonard Cohen and Beatles and Bob Marley…and one of the guests “T”  singing No Doubt…and another gal named Ashley killing it on “If I Ain’t Got You”…what the..?! :  )

Anyway…can’t wait for their next awesome party.

By the way…I’m  not even talking about about how beautiful it was to drive though the Hollywood Hills looking for the House..or arriving to find the Days old…Baby Grand…that sounded…Grand!

Did I mention the pleasure of being able to make a living banging out tunes on the piano and singing amazing songs with amazing people who make the world a lot more fun and interesting? : )

I love living in a city and living a life where each day can totally out do the past!

I love my job!  I love it! I love my city, Los Angeles…I’d  love to hear about your favorite party and what made it totally amazing!

If I can help you an upcoming festivity…call, email,contact!


Make it amazing!



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