New Release Los Angeles Pianist Vocalist

Brand New Release Los Angeles Pianist Vocalist

Here’s a brand new Release Los Angeles Pianist Vocalist.

And it is something I’ve wanted to release for a while now.

Now, last year at the end of the year I bought a bunch of recording equipment so that I could record my gigs.

And, I have gotten many compliments from all kinds of people. In fact, I’ve been asked many times if I had any CDs of the kind of music. Actually, I perform  5-10 times a week all over LA.

So, finally here is that Release.

I promise much more to come!

If you like it or if you hate it let me know.

I have way more from the same session that I got this recording from. Hope you like this.

Um, it’s called Live at Larsen’s because, I recorded it live at Larsen’s Valencia. I have been playing there for over a year now and I’m almost always there on Sunday night.

Now, I love this room because it’s very laid back, the sound is great and people come in to enjoy the great food but they sit in the bar because there is live music in there. Plus, the clientele request all kinds of songs and tend to like stuff all over the map.

Actually, if you check my gigs webpage which is on this same site and I’m there just text me if you want to be sure, 818-269-0988 and feel free to come on down.

By the way, currently, you can actually download it for free straight from the website. Just hit the download button.

So, Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday, Happy Mother’s day, whatever reason. Enjoy!

And, here’s to more beauty in the world!

Also,  please feel free to share the CD download with anyone who you think might like it.

And, let me know if there are other songs that you would like to hear.


Brand New Release Los Angeles Pianist Vocalist- I’m for Hire

If you need amazing music for, parties, weddings, fundraising, “random acts of Party”..etc.. Hit me up here.


Or, Text me or call. Also, you have the option to use the contact form on my contact page. 


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