Bonnie Raitt is in fact a really cool person….True!



I’m  playing my Friday night gig at Vitello’s and there’s a big table with a bunch of nice people and one is having a birthday.
That’s where my attention goes. When you play piano for a living that’s where your attention goes.
The birthday boy or girl… : )

Nice people at this table.
Really nice lady with red hair, big smile, friendly.
Dude with shades, they like what I’m playing…They sing along on the choruses.
They are all really nice.

One guy from the table keeps telling me what a great job I’m doing……

There’s a cake and a rousing “Happy Birthday” when they bring out the cake.

And then on my break, I go over and talk to everyone and find out they’re all musicians.
One guy worked for Michael Franks. “Wow”, I say.” I love Michael Franks.”

Another lady walks up to me and hands me a load of cash and says that her boss ( that lady with the red hair) made her bring it up to
me….they were very generous people.(let’s just say I had my highest ever tips in one night at Vitello’s).

Ok, So I go sit down to play next set….

The really nice chick with the red hair is leaving and I think….damn she’s got that “Bonnie Raitt” thing working.

When it hits me…….!!!!! It IS Bonnie Raitt. All the musicians?……..her band!!

Later I go up to the last couple of guys for that table still hanging out and while I’m explaining how I’m a retard for not noticing that Bonnie Raitt was
in the house and I find out that
she loved my playing. Her dad played piano and sang….He’s John Raitt, duh!!  And she was digging it.

Bonnie Raitt really enjoyed my music that I created!!!

How cool is that???

: )


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