Beverly Hills Hotel Pianist and Birthday Party Band Week!

Yay, Finally, I’m Mr. Beverly Hills Hotel Pianist and Awesome party band, band leader!

The story goes like this:

Many years ago my buddy Jeremy who’s a waiter at the Polo Lounge would tell me these stories of all these amazing clientele at the Polo Lounge. And I knew that they had a pianist or guitarist playing there. And, I always have wanted to play there. It’s just so elegant and “Beverly Hills” wow!

Well, finally, this past weekend – My dream came true! I got to play there! for a seriously amazing Birthday celebration!

Ok, actually it was the Polo Private which is a private event space adjacent to the Lounge but…I was there.

It’s a gorgeous space and everyone I worked with at the venue was just super elegant and amazing.

Beverly HIlls Hotel Pianist
This venue ROCKS! : )

I mean, just the matches are awesome and collectible! : )

I came at 7 and played a beautiful cocktail hour outside under the stars and trees. It’s a really beautiful setting! The cocktail hour was really fun.

Beverly Hills Hotel Pianist Turns into a Party Band!

Well, after a very upbeat cocktail hour I moved inside where I had my top-notch trio consisting of Band Leader Eric Zimmerman on Bass and Band Leader Bob Sullivan on drums.

And we turned into a party band/jazz trio!

The Hostess and Host really wanted to make sure that people had a great time and enjoyed the dinner and the entire evening so we wanted to get dancing started early.

So, we did not chill it down for dinner we started out dancing even before dinner and had the dance floor full of fantastic dancers from the get-go.

We chilled it down for the dinner and even played some Miles Davis for the classic Jazz lovers there. But, honestly, after the salad and before the entree we did one dance number that turned into about 5 or 6 and again a packed out super fun dance floor.

And then after the dinner and some well-done roasting of the guest of honor we ramped it back up with some more dancing and even broke out the Billie Jean and some Bruno Mars!!

This is a beautiful venue in a class by itself. I’m super glad to finally break the ice here.

I’m looking forward to more gigs back.

And the Host kept telling me how rave EVERY GUEST was! : )

We’re looking forward to the next time back! : )

Booking Beverly Hill Hotel Pianist and More Info:

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Or, Book me here. or even text me 818-269-0988! : )

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And I’m forever looking for new venues, new people to entertain. New songs that people might love!

Additionally, as long as I’m not playing a private event you can hang out and hear me live at Red Restaurant at the Pacific Palms Resort in City of Industry most Fridays, or The Parkway Grill – in Pasadena on Thursdays Sundays at Larsen’s Steakhouse in Valencia. But, always check the schedule. And text me if you want to be sure. I often book private events and can’t always update my schedule.

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