Best Years Ever for Los Angeles Super Pianist! : )

Wow, What a year it was last year!! My Favorite and my most productive! In 2011 I did long runs at :

The Parkway Grill- I’m now in my 5th or 6th year there!

The Varnish- I’ve played there 2 years now.

The Left Coast Wine Bar and Art Gallery- Year 2 or 3 now.

Braemar Country Club- I always love playing there and did a very steady everal months playing ever week there.

I played my 3rd year at The Holy Shepard Lutheran Church every Sunday am.

I had the absolute pleasure of getting to play with/for  Karen Black and Tom Jones!!

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I had my incredible students who are all making their way into the realm o f music and are a joy to work with. Whoooo Hooooo!

I had the honor and joy to work with a whole boatload of awesome songwriter on collabs, demos, coaching, charts, general creativeness…

My film score won a Gold Award for Excellence!! At the only Film Music Festival in the world! : )

In short I created more beauty than ever in one year!

It all wrapped up with the best New Years Gig ever which included the best Trio Gig EVER.



And I have to say that that was amazing! So…..Wow!! What a year!!!!! : ) And the only year better than last year  is this year coming up.

No kidding! My playing and reperitoire is just better than it’s ever been. I love all my steadies- Parkway, Varnish, Left Coast, Jasmine Terrace, Holy Shepard…My students are all awesome and I have a few new ones in the wings……: ) My production is going into a whole new era. Wow! So those are the best years ever for super LA Pianist!!

The best is yet to come, People!!! : )











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