Best Pianist in Los Angeles

Best Pianist in Los Angeles!

Best pianist in Los Angeles could be hard to name that would fit every style every possilbe scenario.

But, let me point up some statistics that coudl be helpful.

For instance, My Yelp page which you will find here has 61 reviews. If you’ve ever used Yelp you will know that they filter out a lot of them. In my case I’ve got 16 other reviews that don’t show up.

But, I still have 45 reviews on Yelp. And I think they are all or mostly 5 stars.

Next, I offer my gig page. This shows that I’m playing at least 4 or 5 times a week somewhere where you can come and hear me.

But, to be clear, I’m available for your event if you give me any kind of notice. I’m able to be available almost any night.

And, something that doesn’t show up is that I’m not putting most of the gigs that I’m doing on my gig page. I often play gigs during the day that are private. Actually, I aveage about 12 gigs a week over the course of a year.

If you want something done, give it to a busy man.

One thing about being busy is that I’m at the top of my game. I’m into it and, love to play.

And then, I have played standards, also known as American Songbook which are things like Sinatra and Gershwin and Cole Porter for many years and love this type of music.

However, I also love playing Classic rock, and pop. This would be more like Billy Joel, Elton John, but could be Neil Young and or PInk Floyd or Bowie etc..

And factually, this could also be Radio Head, Tom Petty, Train, Coldplay, etc..

I love current pop mostly adult contemporary, Adele, John Mayer, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran.

And then even, other songs that I don’t realize that you love! Folk? John Denver, Joni Mitchell, Dylan…

Any way the point is I love good songs and I love songs that people love.

Plus, not just a pianist singer but I love to entertain. I can keep the night rocking and involve people if that’s on your agenda. I love to go epic and sing big show songs and belt them out. But, I can also lay back and just create ambience.


Best Pianist in Los Angeles! Booking and More Info:

Want the lowdown on how to book me…it’s easy, Even if all you want to do is just inquire.

Book me here. or even text me 818-269-0988 ! : )

Check out the reviews on Yelp!

Get the Schedule?

Get the details on gigs at

And I’m forever looking for new venues, new people to entertain. New songs that people might love!

Come and hear me live at Red most Fridays, or The Parkway Grill on Thursdays Sundays at Larsen’s Valencia. But, always check the schedule.

Listen on Spotify or Itunes! Or, anywhere you stream. Just do a search for Marc Bosserman.

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