Best Los Angles Pianist Vocalist! : )

That is my goal! To be the BEST Pianist Vocalist in Los Angles!

Now, that’s could be very subjective. What’s the best?  The best really is what is the best for you!

What I try to do is to create music for my clients that is most workable meaningful and appropriate and perfect that is possible. 

I play almost every day and many days I play more than once. Over 400 gigs last year and so far…running above that on average for the new year. 

So for me being the Best is about making the most amazing music I can for the most people I can with the best attitude and the best contribution to my clients vision that I can. 

I love what I do. 

I get to create a fantastic variety of amazing music.

Sometimes I play solo piano which I love to do. I can play almost any song that I sing solo piano and I always treat solo piano as a separate art form. 


Sometimes solo piano is perfect for a wedding ceremony, a ambient vibe in a party or even early in the evening starting out solo even when it may ramp up later. 

I play solo piano at the Parkway Grill in Pasadena on Mondays 6-10pm and have performed 100s of wedding ceremonies solo piano. Some times I get hired to just create solo piano for parties or art galley shows etc…

Other times-I sing and play the piano. I love to sing. I have been told recently that I stood out from other pianists/singers as I not only play with a high degree of skill but that I also can sing with great character and I do both well. 

I love both.  And really with whatever training I have had including formal voice and piano lessons I feel that I have learned singing and playing by…doing lots of singing and playing! 

It is a never ending fun learning process that I look forward to every day!

Weather  singing and playing or just piano the variety of music just makes it fun. Last week I did one gig that was all NY theme Broadway Sinatra etc… Super fun. 

But then I’ve played gigs where it’s Top 40 hits mostly from the past 15 years all night. 

Sometimes it’s 70’s songwriter music. Sometimes it’s 60s folk. Or holiday. 

Sometimes it’s ambient love songs…like Valentine’s Day, yo!

Some nights it’s hard rocking piano bar sing a long! 

And always…it’s fun and it’s fun to make all of it outstanding!

 My reviews speak for the selves. I’m very proud to have many fine reviews on Yelp. 

I’m proud of the  “Best of Gigmasters 2016″…( Gigmasters-a website that books entertainment )

And I’m just happy that i get to get up every day and make the world more beautiful!”

And I have a challenge to be the best pianist and vocalist in this amazing City of Angles! 

Let me know if I can help you make it more amazing at your event! : )

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