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This Beach Wedding Pianist Life! Yes! : )

This weekend I had the honor of being a beach wedding pianist  for Kristina and Adam’s beautiful wedding in the very beautiful Coronado Cays Yacht Club.

What a treat!

For instance, how can you not love a wedding right on the ocean, with a grand piano?

First, I mean right on the ocean with the ocean all around in this fantastic venue with a great piano and a lovely hand picked music selection.

Now, Kristina and I worked on her awesome idea to have one song for the whole processional. Initially we broke it into parts and then as soon as everyone else was at the “altar” pause and then….the most upbeat part of the song for the “Here Comes the Bride” part and I think it just worked so great.

Also of note, the song ” Strawberry Swing” is by Coldplay and one of their more “CD tracks”. But it is simply a gorgeous song and in my opinion just perfect for the processional.

Beach Wedding Pianist Piano

And I have to say that I loved working with Kristina on the details of it. She wanted it to be very unique and almost eclectic. So that song worked well and also the Recessional was cool. Linus and Lucy…except with a twist. We started with the bridge which set the stage and vibe as super fun and upbeat and then bam hit that happy beginning.  Which turned out to be excellent as it was an unknown song to a know song that could’t help but make people smile. :   )

And how can that happy song not bode well for the new couple’s  future journey!


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