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Elvis in 1970
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Yes, It’s true.

If you need a fix…

Try a Monday at Parkway Grill. The cuisine, (no it’s not food, it’s cuisine). Is art. The piano music is art. The decor is art. You can be that wavelength Monday 6-10.

Tues. 8:30 to 12:00. The Varnish.
Its a speak easy. The music and the vibe. The piano is an old upright.
It’s hidden away and it’s classic.

Calender Get the directions etc… here.

The artist:

I’m working with this amazing producer and person named Marconi De Morais . We are recording “Lane”. And I’m learning so much it’s a wonderful experience. It’s an amazing song and life is amazing. Knowledge is power. Power gets stuff done and wow!
old version is here

Kevin Holt and I are working on his cool song and I’m really liking it.


trio at Tanna's

I love my trio so much I would love to play every night of the week with   them.

We always have a blast. You can count on that. : ) see vids and cool stuff.

Last Night: Gigged with Elvis!!

Yes, I gigged with Elvis. I played this rocking bar in Montclaire and Elvis came in and sat in. We had a blast and so did the crowd. Ok, the guys name is “Silver” and we had a total blast! : ) His dad tells me he is the number 2 Elvis on Earth! : )

They liked my version on “Bennie and the Jets” too.


Always working on my site. Well not now I’m writing this…: )

Feel free to look around.  Music, Photos, Film Music, Musicals…it’s all here. : )

Comments are loved, immeasurably.


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