Art is Better With Art! : )

It’s all about Art!!

Last night was awesome! I realized that art is better with other art.

About to Set Up at Edgemar!

I love to play in art galleries.

Yesterday I played with my  fabulous trio in the The Edgemar Center for the Arts! Wow, was it cool. I wish I had more photos.

They have 2 pianos. A baby grand and a Yamaha upright. I played the Grand. With the trio!!

Marty Buttwinick on bass. Wonderful being, beautiful bass playing, and a sense of humor. Doron Eskanazi on the drums. Really there

and creative and always on the money! : )

I have got to do more trio gigs so we can play more.

What A Venue!

But check it out, we were in this beautiful venue. The space itself is an art gallery in a very hip modern building in Santa Monica,

CA, for the opening of a new Play by the amazing Henry Jaglom called “Just 45 Minutes from Broadway.” And there I was  with a bunch of beautiful art loving people and all these celebrities and

making music and people were dancing and…wow!! What a blast.

Tobias, the Studio Manager  and Nicholas, House Manager,  the care takers we’re an absolute pleasure to work with and just, WOW!

That was so much fun.

and  a real  play!! The venue is just plain beautiful and all the people there were just so helpful and motivated. My life is amazing….

The Set! The house was packed and I don’t know about you, but I love a room of people that come out to see the opening of an art Play!!         Now that is  awesome.

The Play

Highly entertaining.  Henry has quite the sense of humor and  he makes his point at least from my perspective that an artist has to  do what he loves no matter what and he’s better off and living more life if he does. It was really entertaining. Such a great cast. Wow, the set!! Real Theater!

Impressive down to the last detail. And Nicholas was commenting to me on the way out how great it was just to be a part of that much art. It’s a real cool group to be able to contribute to. Artists all!

And That’s not All, Folks!

All week was great. Parkway Grill, Monday.Always fun.

The Varnish on Tues. Some really beautiful people came in and one guy even sang a bunch of show tunes, cooool! We had dancers!

My song “Lane” is coming a long well. We tracked the vocals yesterday. : )

It’s getting close. The few people I’ve played it for have really liked it.

Kevin Holt’s song “Believe” is beautiful and getting better daily. : )

Solomon and Tracey and the Musical and, and, and….. Can you say busy?? : )


I’m motivated. I want to create more beauty and make more culture here on Earth. I want to contribute more to the Renaissance that we are starting!! : )

The Artist is also a Photographer!
The Artist is also a Photographer!

Let me know if I can help you to create your beautiful world!! : )

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