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For instance, this past week I have been busy. For starters, I played 9 gigs and had a blast at each one.

This is what is so great about playing the piano and singing for a living.

Case in point, each time you play, well — you are playing and, what could be more fun?

First, I played at 2 restaurants that I play at every week.  I had a great time playing for the regular customers.and meeting new customers and making new friends. I always mix up a great variety of different songs.

And, because I take requests and talk to as many people as I can,  I always end up mixing it up and playing random songs that I might have even forgotten I knew. Or, I even, get a request, look it up on the internet and then,  just play it.


Then in addition to the restaurants that I played, I played for 4 different Senior Living venues and had a super fun time at each.

Every one is different and each day it’s different and actually, the more of these fun venues I play at,  the more fun it is.

For one thing, I know and love the same great songs that a lot of the seniors love. For example, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Elvis, The Beatles, The Drifters, Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller.

And, I like doing little one hour concerts where people are just sitting and listening and have a good time.

For me, entertaining is just a lot of fun- I always am trying to involve people-get them to sing along on the choruses and do other things s to make it a really good time for everyone.

In fact, that’s my job, in a nutshell, to make sure people have a great time.

Pianist for Hire Los Angeles

Additionally, last week,  I had students and that was fun too. Two of my piano students are brothers and they are learning how to read music and are getting pretty good at just reading music. But, they are also learning how to record and create music on a computer. And, one other student was a songwriter who, after the lesson, texted me and said he was just falling in love with songwriting.

And that makes me very happy!

And, then I’ve had a great time working with several songwriters on their songs, as a producer. Did I mention I produce music as well? : )

And…did I mention the film I’m scoring?  :  )

But that’s another blog post.

Playing piano and singing and entertaining are my main and most popular services.


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