Playing Piano and Singing are the most beautiful and helpful things I can do.

My College Professor dad bought a family piano when I was about 7.

There was a big fight to see who would get to take lessons first. (I’ve got 2 older sisters)

And somehow, I won! : )

But even before my amazing first teacher showed up some person sat down and started playing “Heart and Soul”

It was magical, and, I had to know how to do that.

Actually, I forced the person to show me and to tell me all they could about it.

And then,  I proceeded to drive mom crazy with 10,000 hours of “Heart and Soul”.

Also, anyone who could play anything cool, was forced to show me how they did it.

Consequently, I learned “Hit the Road Jack” And “Lady Madonna” and all kinds of cool songs.

I have just never stopped being amazing by how wonderful pianos sound.

They inspire me.

And the music I can create makes people smile, and sing and even dance.

Pianos are a very social instrument.

See, my dad had these parties and the best thing that ever happened was that people would sit and/or stand around the piano and sing.

Hours would go by. Hours of pure fun.

And, this was instant “OMG, this is what I want to do.”

“And, I knew if I had my chance, I could make those people dance. And, maybe they’d be happy for a while.” — Don Mc Clean American Pie

So I kept playing whenever I could and as much as possible.

And, at some point, I started to get paid to play for people.

And I basically have never stopped.

And today I play about 600 times a year (2019 668 times) either at clubs or homes or fancy venues or in my studio and create beauty.

And, I’ve got some skills and a bag of:

  • Huge repertoire. 1000s of songs. Constantly adding new ones.
  • Being Super Interactive. (that interaction is the most fun part of life)
  • Very Seasoned. I play constantly performing 550+ times a year.
  • Stamina,- When you love what you do you don’t want to stop. So, I often take short or no breaks when playing. Even 5-hour gigs.
  • Plus, love and skill at both Solo piano or Piano and Vocals, and, singing with bands of all sizes and shapes.
  • Experience playing almost any kind of event.
  • Great energy, personality, keeps others upbeat.
  • Not really doing it “for the money” but because it’s so damn fun, therefore, no gig is too large or too small.
  • Staying interested so, I will learn songs for your event.

Music is for everyone and is a friend.

I want you to hear your favorite rendition of your favorite song.

Sometimes it’s upbeat. High Energy!

Sometimes it’s sublime and timeless!

It’s JOY!

We’re creating memorable moments.

We’re elevating the moment. Whatever the moment is.

At this point, I have just moved to Clearwater Florida after living in  Los Angeles for over thirty-five years.

in 6 months I’ve managed to create a new life as a magical pianist. Since I grew up in Temple Terrace I’m thrilled to be back.

My production is almost nonstop.

Three Flavors

I didn’t consider myself a singer for many years. I was a PIANIST.

And, for years I played the piano, both solo and with bands.

in fact, my favorite pianists were solo pianists. (Erroll Garner, Vince Guaraldi, Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett)

In one rock band, I started singing just because no one else wanted the duty.

Later while living in Waikiki one regular 5-hour gig at Red Lion Pizza Parlor on Kuhio required singing.

And, at that point, I started singing almost full-time.

I moved to Los Angeles and I was the Tuesday night Pianist at the Downtown speakeasy  “The Varnish” for almost 5 years. The room was all about  JAZZ.  Sometimes hearkening back to a 50s-60s NY Jazz club ala Miles, and Coltrane and Monk! Alternatively, I channeled Fats Waller and “Joplinesque” Ragtime honky-tonkers! Sometimes I worked the elegant Sinatra, Gershwin in, Cole Porter tunes!

I love to explore all kinds of jazz for 4-5 hours a night!

Eventually, at Varnish we added an upright bassist and a drummer once a month to form a smoking trio that became quite a rage.


As a  pianist/vocalist in Los Angeles, I made a reputation being about to move between contemporary and classic styles. I love all kinds of music and am always ready to expand my repertoire. It now spans pop music from the past 100 years right up to the present-day hits.

I can do all of the songs solo-piano and I can sing almost anything I can play.


  1. 30s/40s American Songbook-Standards- Cole Porter, Gershwin , Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald
  2. 60s hits  Animals, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Blind Faith, Bacharach,
  3. 70s Hits’  Neil Young, Eagles, Elton John, Billly Joel, etc..
  4. 80s  Peter Gabriel, U2, Journey, Phil Collins
  5. Current- Train, Bruno Mars, Adele, John Mayer, Coldplay, Michael Buble, Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Radiohead, Lumineers, etc..
  6. Broadway-selections from  Phantom, Cats, Les Mis, Gershwin, Cole Porter, etc…
  7. Beatles…lots of it.
  8. Irish-  on St Patrick’s day..
  9. Wedding music- Solo piano on: Canon in D, Chasing Cars, Forest Gump, Bach, Mendelssohn, All of Me, 1000 Years etc…
  10. Sing along repertoire: Piano Man, Sweet Caroline, Don’t Stop Believing…


If you want a larger ensemble I play with a trio (drummer and bass) and more for dancing.

I compose music for TV and Film.

I have a few select students!

I love to produce music tracks with and for singers and songwriters and I’m constantly looking for more ways to reach more people and make their world better through music.

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