2017 Pianist Vocalist Los Angeles-Let it Ride!!

Well if last week is any indication of things to come in the new year-it’s going to be an amazing year!

Recording rig! : )

I played piano and sang for amazing people: every day and Actually 7 gigs on the last 3 days of the week for 12 total gigs!

So much fun!

Two nights at Parkway Grill. Monday and Thursday! Solo piano! 


Beautiful room. Great piano!

Tuesday I was at Red Restaurant in La Puente.

At the Pacific Palms Resort- Piano and vocals. Amazing spot int he middle of La Puente. 

Weds Larsen’s in Encino. I love playing there. They have a really nice piano and great clientele. 

Friday- A very beautiful “Bris” -a beautiful Jewish ceremony for a newborn! A huge honor to be part of the ceremony. And super fun to be playing a rather fine 1935 Steinway and Sons first thing in the morning!

1935 Steinway!

Followed later by an super fun night at Deliteful Meals. A fine dining healthy food restaurant in Thousasnd Oaks. There is a great set up with a yamaha keyboard mic/mixer set up.

Saturday- The Vintage in Burbank at 10am-11am for the lovely residents there. And over to Pac Cafe 11:30-2:00pm a private cafe for awesome people and then…..a CRAZY COOL  party in a Spanish Mansion in La Crescenta where I played along with the Blues/Oldies band “Bobby and the Bastards” and then alternately played and sang solo piano for  the cool house warming amazing-ness friends and family!

Live at an amazing mansion with “Bobby and The Bastards” and a rad piano and ….. wow! : )

Sunday- I played for the residents at Fair Oaks Astoria in the morning to a great eager request-ful crowd!

Then my Sunday night tenure at Larsen’s Valencia! A great spot in Santa Clarita. 

Oh and I didn’t mention a gig I also did recording tracks for a company that makes tracks for upcoming artists. I did some jazzy piano and percussion tracks for a song. 

Notable: I am trying to record ALL of my gigs this year. I’ve gotten some great recordings so far from Larsen’s and Parkway and Red Restaurant and Deliteful Meals…

I haven’t done EVERY gig so far but am super happy with the ones I have been able to figure out!! 

I’m recording into a Mixer that runs up to 8 tracks directly  into a laptop so that i can get a great sound from the mics or direct in put from the keyboard and then a totally separate vocal. 

The idea is to get a very clean recording that i can then mix and release as live tracks!

I’m able to then load this into my computer program and plan to sweeten it and make it really amazing and release as I can. 

The idea is just simply that to record and mix and release tracks!

I’ve had a lot of positive feedback on my live performances and want to be able to export that to others to hears. 

So far I’m excited I’ve recorded about 15 hours of music in the first week of the project! : )

I also want to add video as I can figure out how to do it all. :  )

These are my new projects in the new year!

And speaking of my original music! :  )

I’ve also been studying a course from Leah Mc Henry a Symphonic Metal recording artist who is also a stay at home mom of 5 kids under 10. She has been successful in making a good living finding fans on the internet and offering her music to them. I’m pretty excited about it. I’m making a plan to release a real CD of either originals or covers…we’ll see…

But I’m super excited about the new year. The fantastic first week and the projects that are starting up!! : )

I love playing super amazing music for cool people!

My life! it rocks!

Thanks for checking out my blog! :  )

Let me know if I can help you with anything. 


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