Los Angeles Pianist and…Sing Songwriter Artist House Concert Guy!

Wow!! What a blast! This past Saturday I got to do a concert of- my own made with my own hand and heart and soul-original songs for a packed house at Theta Sound Studios in Burbank!

I got to open for Flagship Romance-who were AMAZING as well.

This House Concert thing is something I would love-love-love and am planning to do more often now.


I played a 45 minute set of songs spanning my whole life as a songwriter. Songs from my first CD circa 2000 and even a song from Emerald Man- The Musical. Songs I’ve co-written and have rarely been played live! Anything that I wanted to play! : )

It was a super blast. And I got to meet most of the attendees after and shake hands and chat a minute and see their super happy faces, sign a ton of CDs…Wow! Dreamy!

I’m thanking  Randy Tobin who asked me if I could do it-provided the venue. Recorded it-video taped it…holy moley!

And I’m thanking all the awesome people who showed up! : )

I’d love to and plan to do this more and more. If you know of anyone who could get 15-20 people together and would like to get a concert…hit me up! It will be so much fun!


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