2010-Some Highlights!

I did about 250 Gigs/Performances! Overall It was my most productive year ever! : )
(Imagine…I was able to play for more people than ever and brighten up more lives than ever with my creativity. )

Emerald Man is getting some attention from the London musical world!!  Exciting!

The film “Invisible” for which I did the soundtrack, got accepted for the Idyllwild Film Festival! : ) Doooope!

My song “Peaceman” inspired a comic book which is coming out soooooooon!

I met more amazing people at more gigs that ever and met and played music for and with amazing people!!

Truly a BANNER year!!

Top That! : )

Only thing better than that is…..the future!

I already have about 250 dates lined up for 2011 and I’m more adding all the time and I’m thinking the best is yet to come! Stay tuned!

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