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A short Marc Bosserman Primer:
I love music.
I love to play music and i love to play music for other people.
I love the interaction of music.
I love playing songs and singing with and for others.
I often will just sit and play piano just because it’s so fun and amazing what happen when
people hear a fantastic song. That is just beautiful!
At a recent gig at the end of a 5 hour gig the host kept saying…you didn’t take a break all night.
I don’t think I thought much of it. Except when they made me get some of the amazing food!!
It simply is more fun to play than almost anything else I can think of.
In fact I have been know to play an extra two hours in a Hotel bar. If the crowd was
into it. Just for the fun on it.
In my family growing up we would take trips and to pass the time we would often
sing in the car and there was something magical about it.
And there always is something magical when music is involved!
So I have managed to make a life of singing and playing for people. I play the piano and sing
almost every day.
Yes I play literally about 350 gigs a year. (many days I’ll have 2 or 3 gigs)
You can find my gig schedule here at least for the current month of two.
I like variety.
Solo piano and piano and vocals are two totally different art forms. Both are incredible in their own right.
My solo piano has been inspired by among others Errol Garner and Keith Jarrett and George Winston.
And I always originally considered myself a pianist.
I play Solo Piano every Monday night at the Parkway Grill in Pasadena and have for the past
10 years now. Mondays…6-10p
It’s a very upscale elegant classy room and I do solo piano versions of all kinds of tunes from Coldplay to
Cole Porter.
I also play solo wedding music  piano for many wedding ceremonies and cocktail hours, various private events, etc…
One cool thing…I had a very enjoyable tenure at a “speakeasy” bar downtown Los Angles called The Varnish!
What was unique about that gig which I did for almost 5 years, was that Eric the owner did not want any pop
tunes just JAZZ. It became a real treat!
At times almost like a 50s-60s NY Jazz club. People would be wanting to hear Miles, and Coltrane and Monk! What!?
And in the same room on request I also could also  channel Fats Waller and Joplin and Ragtime honky tonk!
And then again at times it could be more of the elegant Sinatra, Gershwin,Cole Porter! Fun room.
Raunchy piano/cool vibe and I was happily forced to play those styles for 4-5 hours a night!
As vocalist I sing almost every thing that I play.
I sang in a band that did all kinds of stuff Hard Rock to Jazz when i was in High School. Mostly because no one else wanted to sing.
And I did not really consider myself a singer….until I was living in Hawaii.
I was  in my early 20s when i started looking for work as a solo pianist…the first decent gig i got  offered called for a pianist who could sing
and my only chance to get it was to tell them that i sang.
And that really when I started to sing. With in 6 months of getting that gig I had about 10 hours of singing repertoire. And it’s been growing ever since.
A solo pianist/Vocalist needs to be able to play almost any song that anyone could request…Basically any song ever written…
So to be able to play  a lot…I have learned every song ever written…just kidding. But i do have
and extensive repertoire of:
1. 30s, 40s American Songbook-Standards- Cole Porter, Gershwin , Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald
2. 60s hits  Animals, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Blind Faith, Bacharach,
3. 70s Hits’  Neil Young, Eagles, Elton John, Billly Joel, etc..
4. 80s  I might be a little weak on this but…Peter Gabriel, Some U2, Journet, Phil Collins
5. Current- Train, Bruno Mars, Adele, John Mayer, Coldplay, Michael Buble, Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Radio head, Lumineers etc..
6.Broadway-selections from  Phantom, Cats, Les Mis and all the Gershwin and Cole Porter
7. Beatles…lots of it.
8. Irish- especially around St Patrick’s day!
9. Wedding music-  the Classic repertoire Canon in D, Chasing Cars, Forest Gump, Bach, Mendelssohn , All of Me, 1000 Years
And I’m always learning new songs.
I’ll try almost anything I’ve heard I can usually come up with a version that people love.
I can learn anything.
I love learning new songs!


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